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Winnen-Metall in Iserlohn, Germany


It is our passion to produce copper alloys such as aluminium nickel bronzes, aluminium bronzes, brass, gunmetal and special measurements in block form. For our melting production we have access to various raw material sources from all over Europe and our region . As a recycling company and melting plant we are a specialist for the European glass industry. We recycle metal chips (shavings, turnings) and scrap from the production of glass bottle moulds. Take a look behind the scenes of our company and get valuable impressions and important information about our work. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our services around metal foundry products and metal trading. Simply contact us without obligation.

Winnen-Metall in Iserlohn, Germany


Individual consulting for small to large customers in the application of metal alloys.

Transparent and fair pricing based on LME courses for buying and selling.

We value our private and small suppliers as much as major customers.

Metallurgical competence for 85 years.

Consistent compliance with DIN standards thanks to our internal quality management system and our own laboratory. We are one of the quality leaders in our industry in Europe!

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