Purchase of commercial industrial waste

We purchase our non-ferrous metal waste from all over Europe.

One of the most important metal scraps come from the European glass industry. We buy shavings and old metal scraps from the production of glass bottle moulds. Thanks to our own laboratory we are able to analyse solid and dusty metals with calibrated analysers. The daily prices are based on the metal prices on the London Metal Exchange (LME).

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the legal classification of waste, cross-border transport or questions regarding the documentation of waste.

Here you will find a selection of our typical types and shape descriptions in metal purchasing


chips / turnings, cartridge casings, old castings, figures, forms, fittings, eroding wire, tubes, sheets, other production waste

Aluminium bronze

aluminium bronze chips, turnings, (AlBz), old glass and bottle moulds / forms


tubes, connectors, chips, wire


profiles, plates, window frames, rims, dishes, signs, chips, etc.

High-grade steel

V2A, V4A, and all types


rolled lead, tube lead, alloys, batteries

Tin / pewter

pure tin, tinware, alloys


gutters of old zinc, zinc alloys, die casting alloy wastes, zinc anode wastes

Gunmetal & Bronze

all types, chips, fittings, bearing shells, etc.


metal dust, metal dross from foundries, chips