1. Delivery programme & production

For our foundry products (ingots, bars) we exclusively use scrap metals or metal waste as raw materials. We only use primary metals in exceptional cases. Our products are available in the form of bars to suit your needs. We work on an order-specific basis, but are also able to offer larger quantities flexibly at short notice thanks to our warehouse.

2. Purchase of scrap metals

We buy and sell all kinds of non-ferrous metal scraps. Find out here which raw materials and scrap we purchase and what requirements are placed on product quality.

3. Wage work

Foundries cannot directly use certain metal wastes such as chips (shavings, turnings). These are produced, for example, during turning and drilling work, but are contaminated by other metal residues such as iron chips. We perform the separation of desired and unwanted elements and cast them into individual ingot moulds suitable for the foundry furnaces of our customers. Learn more about this service here.

4. Further services

Find out more about our laboratory services and our analysis-supported quality assurance system, from which you as supplier and customer benefit.